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Accounting and Tax Consultants

We welcome new colleagues.

Who are we looking for?

You have a "HBO" or academic degree. Your background is finance, tax, economy of accountancy, or you would be willing to develop in those directions. You are computer literate

In connection with a (mental) disability or illness, you are looking for suitable work or the possibility to reintegrate. You want to participate in society by working in a result-oriented environment. You are motivated by the fact that we give our colleagues maximum responsibility, confidence and self-reliance, of course, always in accordance with their personal capacity.

We do not ask you to tell us your entire personal history. However, we will discuss with you whether there are special considerations that require appropriate operating conditions. That may be about working hours, risk of relapse which we must take into account, considerations in counseling, a suitable workspace, or a low stimulus environment.


Salaries are in accordance with the prevailing standards in the administrative sector. Sometimes a (temporary) wage supplementation or a special disease allowance is necessary for an initial period.


For more information, contact Otto Reuchlin, Telephone: +31 (0)6 43289460, or email him at: »


Send your letter and resume to »

Applications are strictly confidential. Contact with care or aid agencies would only occur after prior arrangement with you, and subject to necessity.